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We provide world-class yet affordable banking applications, designed to interconnect the entire banking and payment industries in the Philippines.

What do we do?

PearlPay aims to solve the Filipino’s everyday problems when transacting money.
Inconvenient Transaction Process

Filipinos spend an average of 21 minutes and 43 Php to go and process transactions to the nearest financial access points.

High Transaction Cost

Banks charge an average of 11% to send money to the Philippines, which is over 3% higher than the global average cost of 7.3%

Limited Foreign Payment Access

Only a handful of rural banks are members of foreign payment networks such as MasterCard and Visa or local interbank network like Bancnet.

Outdated Technology

Philippines has an estimated 2.5 billions of payments monthly amounting to $74 billion (Php 3.76 trillion) but only 1% are transacted electronically, remaining 99% transacted in cash or check.

Creating a Unified
Payment Network

More than 75% of the Filipinos still don’t have the right financial access due to accessibility. Not all banks, especially rural banks, have e-payment systems and not all Filipinos have smart phones or proper internet connection. Additionally, most available technologies and payment solutions either need an updated phone or good wifi connection.

PearlPay’s range of products offers a unified payment network that doesn’t rely on the internet or the latest gadget to bring together financial institutions, small and medium enterprises, and Filipinos to a common platform.

Core Banking Solution

PearlPay CBS is a world-class cloud-based core banking solution offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service). It is cloud-native and designed to allow banks to scale quickly using cloud platforms.

Agent Banking Solution

PearlPay ABS, it is a portable point-of-sale (POS) mobile technology device that delivers a range of card, mobile wallet and banking solutions without dependence to the internet or new mobile phones.

PearlPay Mobile Wallet

PearlPay’s wallet solutions will eventually power a bigger ecosystem of products and solutions like the PearlPay REMIT and PearlPay PESO.

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Pearl Pay signs pilot program with BHF Rural Bank
In the News

PearlPay Signs Pilot Program With BHF Rural Bank

PearlPay has signed a pilot program agreement with BHF Rural Bank, Inc. (BHF), based in Dagupan City and operating seven branches.

This marks the first time a Philippine rural bank will utilize cloud-based technologies such as core banking solutions (CBS), agent banking solutions (ABS) and white-label eWallet solutions, all of which are designed to reach customers with limited or no access to the internet.

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